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Japanese mahjong flash game

GAMEDESIGN. 牌レイア. Kan. アクション. Tsumo. nine. Riichi. DEBUG. Pon. Chii. Ron. リアクション. 大メッセージ. 小メッセージ. Click Tile(s). Click a Tile. ダイアログ. OK. 和了情報. 順位表示. 局履歴. History. You. Right. Front. Left. 集計表. Score. Next. Ranking. タイトル画面. Start. RANKING. Japanese. Mahjong. 発声. クリック. sound. How to play Japanese Mahjong? Back to the top. The goal of the game is to order your 14 tiles into a hand, the hand should be composed of combinations of Pon, Chii or Kan: A Pon is a set of three identical tiles. A Chii is a set of three tiles of the same suit and consecutive numbers. (but cannot be composed of dragon or. Japanese Mahjong, especially called Riichi Mahjong is a very specific remake from Japan of the traditional Chinese Mahjong. It is as close and yet far from Chinese Mahjong as Shôgi (Japanese Chess) Play Riichi Mahjong board game online.

At Mahjong Flash, you'll find mostly mahjong solitaire games, yet let us not forget that the Chinese traditional mahjong is played with four players a. hahuji: Wow! A virtual Mahjong game that actually works pretty smoothly. Instantly 5'd! (April 20, , pm). Jaska: Great riichi-mahjong flash game:) I prefer over this one touhght but this one is good too. (April 20, , 3 pm). sdfg: Now I'll never need Tenhou again. (April 20, , pm). 13 tiles in your hand,Pick a tile and discard a you make 4 Sets and 1 pair, then you can call "Tsumo".When the other player discard the tile what you are waiting for,you can call "Ron".

Playing any computerized version of Japanese mahjong, a player does not need to worry about game setup, tiles, scoring, and the lack of players. Aside Flash game. You can practice these basic rules against three computer players at the following site. Known as Riichi, based on the Chinese game of Mahjong. Very addictive game played by four people that requires skills and luck to play. The difference between Chinese and Japanese version is that Japanese Mahjong is played with tiles instead of The tiles that are missing are the flower and the season tiles. This is not a normal Mahjong game. It is a classical Japanese Mahjong game. You play against 3 computer opponents.


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